Whole House Networking...

At Central Media Systems we've learned after years of installation experience that the integrity of our users networks (home and commercial) are essential in delivering a seamless audio/video experience. With the advent of streaming technologies for music, movies, and interactive media we've become more dependent on faster, stable internet access in order to consistently enjoy the various forms of entertainment we've all grown to love...

In order to ensure our users enjoyment over the life of their entertainment systems, in addition to the installation and set-up of audio/video equipment, we also provide whole house networking solutions. These systems may consist of hard-wiring through-out the home or office space, or, rely on Wifi for the distribution of the internet signal. 

We've spent over twenty-years in the field, working closely with general contractors, architects, electricians, and various trades in order to meet our clients goals. Through our vast experience we've been able to deliver everything from project management, installation, systems testing/analysis and maintenance. From the initial consultation to installation and set-up, we will guide you through the process, insuring that your network achieves seamless integration with your home or office systems.


We're proud to announce that we are an authorized Eero dealer. After years of installing/programming overly-complex and occasionally un-reliable network solutions, we've had great experiences with Eero products throughout our clients homes and offices. One of the greatest attributes of the Eero system is that it can extend most existing network infrastructures.