Home Automation and Control

Unlike a lot of the high-tech devices in your home, you can’t go into an electronics store and buy a comprehensive home-automation-in-a-box system. You wouldn’t want to. A true custom home automation system is, well, custom.

By custom, we mean that the devices involved, the programming and the interface are all designed and selected individually for each customer. No home, and no homeowner, is alike, so no home automation product fits all. However, a professionally-installed custom system can be planned and optimized for any homeowner’s needs.

So what should you look for and expect from a custom automaton system? Like buying a luxury car, you don’t just pick what’s on the lot. When planning a custom smart home system, it’s important to find a qualified professional integrator who will help you identify your needs and recommend the solutions that will work in your budget. Central Media Systems is here to help you.

In order to provide a customer with technology that will truly enhance the convenience, comfort and entertainment value of a home, we will need to learn about how you live in your home, what you’d like to improve, and how you envision life in an automated residence. The more we the integrator knows about you, the more we will be able to customize the perfect system.

As your integrator, we will want to know about your daily routine—do you like to leave certain lights on while you’re away? Do you have a cleaning service that comes at odd hours? Do you want to monitor your kids’ activities while you’re at work? Do you like to entertain guests outside as well as inside? Answers to questions like these will help us plan your system.

Some homeowners are also more comfortable around technology than others. Maybe one family member loves using an iPad, while another would prefer a traditional remote or keypads in the wall. A complete system allows for such flexibility.

The home, specifically the size, shape and construction materials, also play a role in this process. Sometimes different solutions may be better suited to new construction than retrofit. The availability of crawlspaces, attics and basement may also be important, depending on the complexity of the system in question. Wired and wireless solutions may both be explored.

Another important difference between a custom home automation solution and off-the-shelf smart home devices is the level of support. With a custom designed system, you will always have Central Media Systems to turn to for questions and help. We will also be there for you when you want to expand or upgrade your system.

Technology is always changing, and it takes an expert to stay on top of all the best solutions. Our company is your partner in this project and we want to ensure your satisfaction. That’s our element of customization that can’t be undervalued.

When it comes time to decide what kind of automation solutions you want, you need to ask yourself—are you a cookie-cutter family with cookie-cutter needs? If you answer no, then a custom home automation system is the way to go.

To learn more about custom automation systems and how they can enhance your lifestyle talk to one of our Central Media Systems technical salesman.  They will assist you through the free consultation phase and bring you closer to a smoother lifestyle reality.